16 Light Complete Kit


16 Light Complete Kit

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This Kit Includes:

Trolmaster Hydro X Kit which includes,
1x Hydro X Controller
1x Air Con Controller
1x Co2 Regulator
1x Co2 Sensor
2x Co2 Plugs
1x Smoke Detector
1x Program Plug
1x Humidity Plug

1x Bluelab Peri Doser & Controller

1x Bluelab Pulse Meter

16x 600w Digital Light Kits

1x 4250m3/h Box Fan

1x 5L & 10L Nutrient Kit

Pump & Dripper Kit which includes,
1x 400L FlexiTank
1x Water Pump
Tube & Drippers

9x 1m2 Trays

9x 60L Pots

11x 50L Bags Of Coco

1x AutoDrain Brain


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